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UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply
Our product line include of (UPS) systems uninterruptible power supply ranges from 2 KVA to 10 KIVA. We expect this to cover equipment installed in laboratories. The UPS systems must be used for mission-critical applications like incubators, microscopes, computersystems, ultrasouns scanners and the like. The easy-to-use power management software provides monitoring, alarm and shutdown capabilities to allow customers manage power.

Fercom supplies you

Laboratory benches
Does your IVF laboratory need a new bench. Fercom has many years of experience setting up laboratories. Read more about our laboratory equipment here and see how you can contact us for more details.
• 30% more usable volume than all equivalent competitors' models • Smooth seamless interior makes routine cleaning straightforward • Completely dry-wall chamber: now moist breeding conditions for bacteria
Operation & examination table
Your patients expect professional care - you expect precision and efficiency. All are effectively supported by ST150 - state-of-the-art examination bed. This investment will last for many years!
Price Offer
We have an ICSI system mounted on a Microscope ready for use. The price is low - very low. Please ask how much. Shipment is included. Contact us for more information.



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FREE of charge - Make your request online for your Fertility Centre or IVF laboratory now and we will contact you shortly.

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