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      MicroGalaxy - 14 Litre 

      • Micro footprint - takes very little space up in your lab bench

      • Completely seamless stainless steel chamber. Easy cleaning

      • Rapid recovery of chamber conditions following door opening




      MiniGalaxy - 50 Litre 

      • 50 litre small footprint capacity

      • The unique single door system with integral viewing windows allows
         observation without disturbance to cultures





       Galaxy R PLUS - 170 Litre 

       • 170 litre capacity, fanless, sixsided direct heat system ensures
          stable homogenous environment

       • Advanced display with 72 hour data storage that logs all 
          conditions and events every 15 seconds






       Galaxy CO2 and O2 Analyser

       • Easy, simple and quick system with integral sampling pump 
         for sampling incubator atmosphere - Convenient, 
         quick analysis