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Secure your mission-critical equipment and applications 

Our product line include of (UPS) systems uninterruptible power supply ranges from 2 KVA to 10 KIVA.

We expect this to cover equipment installed in laboratories. The UPS systems must be used for mission-critical applications like incubators, microscopes, computersystems, ultrasouns scanners and the like.

The easy-to-use power management software provides monitoring, alarm and shutdown capabilities to allow customers manage power.

The UPS-Systems:

TECHNOLOGY - The Titan On-Line-Series is an uninterruptible power supply incorporating double-converter technology.

PROTECTION - It provides perfect protection specifically for mission-critical equipment and applications like incubators, microscopes, computersystems, ultrasound scanners, computersystems and the like.

EASY-TO-USE - The easy to use power management software provides monitoring, alarm and shutdown capabilities to allow you mana power.

SECURITY - The double-converter principle eliminates all mains power disturbances. A rectifier converts the alternating current from the socket outlet to direct current. This direct current charges the batteries and powers the inverter. On the basis of this DC voltage, the inverter generates a sinusoidal AC voltage, which permanently supplies the loads.

  •  Your equipment and computers are thus powered entirely by the mains voltage.

  • In the event of power failure, the maintenance-free batteries power the inverter.

  • The UPS can be operated by any individuals with no previous experience


Electrical specifications


Model No. Titan1K(S) Titan2K Titan2KS Titan3K(S) Titan6K(S) Ttian10K(S)

Phase Single

Frequency (46~54)Hz                                         (46.5~55)Hz

Current(A)  7A             9A         12A       16A          30A           47A



Model No.     Titan1K(S)      Titan2K(S)      Titan3K(S)      Titan6K(S)      Titan10K(S)

Power rating  1kVA/0.7kW    2kVA/1.4kW      3kVA/2.1kW   6kVA/4.2kW   10KVA/7kW

Voltage 220/230/240×(1 士2%)VAC 220/230/240×(1 士3%)VAC

Frequency 50×(1±0.2%)Hz (Battery mode) 50×(1±0.5%)Hz

(Battery mode)

Wave form sinusoidal



Model No.          Titan1K(S)   Titan2K(S)   Titan3K(S)   Titan6K(S)    Titan10K(S)

Number and type 3×12V7Ah    8×12V7Ah    8×12V7Ah    20×12V7Ah  40×12V7Ah


Operating Environment

Ambient Temperature 0 oC to 40 oC

Operating humidity 20% to 90%, non-condensing

Altitude < 1500m

Storage temperature -15 oC to 40 oC


Typical stored energy time

(Typical values at 25°C in minutes:)

Model No. 100 % Load 50 % Load   Price in Euros

Titan1K       5             14             

Titan2K       9             21               1.450

Titan3K       5             17.5            2.150

Titan6K       8             23               3.288

Titan10K     8             23               4.950


Dimensions and weights

Model No. Dimensions W x L x H (mm) Net Weight (kg)

Titan1K     145X400X220                          13

Titan1KS    145X400X220                           7

Titan2K      192X460X340                         32

Titan2KS     192X460X340                        15

Titan3K       192X460X340                        33

Titan3KS      192X460X340                        16

Titan6K       260 x 570 x 717                     84

Titan6KS     260 x 570 x 717                     37

Titan10K     340 x 640 x 980                   163

Titan10KS    340 x 640 x 980                    75

These units bear the CE mark and comply with the following standards:



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